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Dec 4, 2023

Welcome to The Communicate & Connect Podcast! In this episode, we have a vital conversation on our agenda: Different Types of Abuse in a Relationship. We delve into this sensitive topic due to an unexpected rescheduling, but it's a discussion that cannot be overstated in its importance.

In our episode, we'll explore various forms of intimate partner violence, from the more apparent physical and emotional abuse, to the often-overlooked financial and digital dating abuse. We'll dissect the differences between situational partner violence and intimate terrorism and discuss why understanding these distinctions is crucial before considering measures like divorce.
Statistics reveal that intimate partner violence and emotional abuse are alarmingly common, and we'll talk about the stigma faced by male victims and the prevalence of bi-directional violence, with a specific look at its impact in military relationships.

We'll also scrutinize traditional therapy approaches and why they may have fallen short, leading us to the growing research that supports the use of couple therapy, especially emotionally focused therapy, for situational couple violence.

We acknowledge the societal pressures and the risks of escalation that come with experiencing violence in a relationship. Our goal is to offer a haven for listeners to learn, seek support, and understand the reality of abuse, and the importance of professional help, whether through resources like the National Domestic Violence HotlineMilitary One Source, or our own ten-week Relationship Email Course.

Remember, this podcast is not a substitute for therapy, but a guide to educate and support. If any content in today’s episode triggers you, please reach out for help from a professional.

Prepare to learn, grow, and connect as we navigate the complex and troubling waters of relationship abuse. Stay tuned as we dive deep into the different types of abuse, their manifestations, and steps toward healing and healthier relationships.

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